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Understanding Self -Serve Membership Management and How It Can Grow Member Engagement & Reduce Costs


You may have heard ‘Self-Serve’ mentioned as a way of both engaging with your membership at a higher level, whilst also automating many of the routine time consuming and tedious administration tasks associated with running a medical society or association.  Self-Serve means empowering your members to manage their own membership from keeping their profile up to date, choosing payment and membership category options, voting online to managing their personal development history.   This short webinar helps you understand what is possible through exploring real World case studies and examples. The number of attendees is limited, to ensure high levels of participant interaction which is encouraged.

Who Should Attend

If you are responsible for managing your association’s members by providing administrative support and help, then this tailor-made webinar was created for you.


On attending the workshop, we will help you to understand:

  • What is Self-Serve Membership Management
  • The benefits of a Self-Serve model for your members and your organisation
  • Where to start when understanding your processes, the secret to a successful Self-Serve Membership Management System
  • The key issues by exploring examples and case studies that demonstrate how Self-Serve works in the real World
  • The technical implications both for your web site and CRM application
  • What to do next if you identify you want to provide a Self-Serve model for your members


Duration 1 1/2 hours

Start time 10:00AM

Delivered via Zoom on the LightMedia website

Number of participants limited to a maximum of 12


November 17th 2021

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